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Major financial decisions aren’t only those that call for huge transactions. They’re decisions that have a long-lasting impact. 

The question “What the heck is a mutual fund?” is just as important as “Should I buy or should I rent?” or “I’m grateful for my inheritance but what do I do now?”.

This tool is designed to give you direct access to professionals who’ve made a living being knowledge centres for Canadians. Log in to direct message qualified financial advisors near you, in minutes.

Or, you can always go the difficult route, and search for those answers on Google (“👩🏼‍💻…wait, am I understanding this correctly?”).

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Some people think we go around selling as many mysterious products to strangers as possible. The truth is, my colleagues and I spend the majority of our days walking Canadians through making decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. How much they have in their bank accounts is the least of our concerns.
Daniel Masters
Financial Advisor | Calgry, AB

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