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Your expertise is valuable. By sharing what you know, you’re changing someone’s life for the better. RestEnsured makes it much easier for Canadians to find and reach you by automatically showcasing your services to thousands near you. No maintenance needed. Just more sales.


Members use RestEnsured to find and direct message qualified professionals in their regions. This tool is designed to make finding experts (like you) easy and accessible.


Customize your profile to reflect your area of expertise. As soon as someone reaches out, you'll be notified through your account. Simply log in to maintain access to warm leads.


After setting up your profile, feel free to step away. While you focus on other things, you'll be automatically showcased to thousands near you.


Shorten your sales cycle by accelerating initial touchpoints. We've made it possible to be everywhere at once. Sign up to get access..

Significantly shorten
your sales cycle


Professionals use RestEnsured to grow their books without lifting a finger. They make themselves more accessible to their communities. It’s simple— we help shorten sales cycles by accelerating initial touchpoints. We’ve made it easier for Canadians to find and contact you. Sign up to get access to warm leads.

We showcase qualified professionals

Not being listed is like operating a coffee shop that doesn’t show up on Google searches. It’s a disadvantage. Leverage what we’ve built to grow your book as well.

Who & Where

Log in and tell us who and where you are. Get started in under 5 minutes.


Prep & Promote

Prepare your profile. Include your passions and professional achievements. We do the promoting.


Review & Respond

Review direct messages from members of your community and respond with care.


The network

This network consists of responsible and driven professionals with the capacity to serve more members of their communities. If your objectives align with ours, we encourage you to get started today.

Friends &

contact us

We built this tool for our friends and family, but quickly realized it could help so many more people. We hope you’ll find this tool as helpful as we have. Reach out to us if you have any questions at all.